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Art that honors the
Lord of Lords, King of Kings.

Latest art : By the Breath of God

Prepare by Ilse KLeyn

"I am intrigued with the single form; human, animal or still life. I strive to capture the character and mood of the
subject portrayed at that moment in time. 

The orchestrated structure and form of each work
of art provide a perspective of rarefield
atmosphere and dramatic appeal.  

My work is full of detail and the colours are vibrant.
It is my mission to paint works
of art with a message to all generations, not just a piece of art to decorate the wall.”


TV Interview with KykNet on the program
"Geloof, Hoop en Liefde" on 2014-06-01

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TV Interview with KykNet on the program
"Geloof, Hoop en Liefde" on 2013-05-12

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Mandate Africa

Ilse handed over a painting in Israel during a ceremony on
28 March 2012 in Jesusalem. Ilse's work was chosen as a gift to Israel when visionary Lindi Gouws and other leading Christian leaders received a mandate from God that Africa must move up to Israel as a profetic act and pray for Africa and Israel. 

Ilse selected for BEST OF ARTISTS -

Ilse was selected by a panel of judges for the recent addition of Best of Oil Artists , W
orldwide, Vol 1
published by USA based Kennedy publishing. 
The coffee table style book features a double page spread of Ilse's work. The book was released middle 2010

Rapport 8 October 2011


Interview in Leef Sep, 2010


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